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Read our recent report that serves to identify, describe, and review the projects funded by the NIH grant PAR-18-749 titled “Examining Diversity, Recruitment, and Retention in Aging Research.”

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Recruitment Accelerator
for Diversity in Aging Research

Cognitive Loss & Dementia

The Recruitment Accelerator for Diversity in Aging Research, Cognitive Loss & Dementia (RADAR-CLD) is a National Institute on Aging (NIA) funded grant (R24AG065163) to develop, evaluate, and document a replicable process for creating the capacity and infrastructure to ensure recruitment and retention of diverse participants in cognitive research in aging. The RADAR-CLD grant project is composed of two main components:


The establishment of an Accelerator for cultivating and leveraging collaborative teams across scientific and non-scientific divides focused on collecting stakeholder input early on, to move science in the right direction with feasible designs and addressing key issues of equity, recruitment, and retention in cognitive research in aging.

Community Research Liaison

The Community Research Liaison (CRL) is a novel research professional who is uniquely focused on building an environment of trust and mutual respect among community members and connecting the community with research partners through Accelerator activities to maximize research participation.

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The grant is run by teams at Mount Sinai and SUNY Upstate with support from Recruitment Partners LLC

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Upstate leads the way in creating diverse clinical trials

Engaging patients of different ages, ethnic backgrounds, and genders to encourage them to participate in clinical trials
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Upstate CRL Case Study - AAIC Poster

Community Research Liaison (CRL) Role in Increasing Participation of African Americans in Cognitive Research: A Case Study
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Effort aims to recruit more people of color into medical research studies

Kathy Royal and Dr. Sharon Brangman on The Informed Patient Podcast
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Recruitment Accelerator
for Diversity in Aging Research

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